Any type of vehicle can be easily stored at Flypark. We have had campervans, buses, trucks, 4wd’s, sedan and wagons, small cars, motorcycles and even non-vehicles can be stored and accessed any time of day or night (as long as you let us know you are coming in advance).
Where a vehicle is larger than 1 standard car park (eg larger standard van) style will be charged at the rate of 2 carparks to cover the loss of income from that second carpark. We offer short term parking and long terms parking.
Indoor parking rates reduce over time so the longer you stay with us, the cheaper per day it becomes. Outdoor parking is a cut-price service and is unable to be discounted any further.
We can also get a WOF for you while away, have your windscreen chips/cracks repaired or replaced, tyres, servicing etc, all done by qualified service contractors who attend to your vehicle promptly and professionally.

We have options for both Long Term and Short Term Storage or parking.

Long term storage is a continual period of over 30 days indoors and the rates reduce remarkably over that time. We often cater for clients who are away for three, six months or even over a yeat. We recommend leaving the battery connected and we start and run your engine for approx 5 minutes every fortnight to keep your battery charged and the radio codes etc working. If you prefer to disconnect the battery for long term stoarage this is acceptable but please remember to keep any codes for your radio etc.
Often, rare cars and collectors use our long terms storage for their prize antigue collections of cars, rare cars or ven hot-rods and race cars. From time to time we have expensive and collectable cars stored here and are well capable of handling any type of vehicle.

Short terms storage is classed from one day to 60 days in duration. The rate for outdoor parking reduces per day after ten days and again after twenty days to make it a more affordable and attractive proposition.

For indoor parking please click here.

For outdoor parking please click here.