Return to a fresh clean car and/or save the hassle of having your car off the road for servicing – let us take care of it while you are out of town. We will put a package together that meets your individual requirements from basic Exterior Wash to Full Valet Service, Vehicle Servicing, Repairs, Paint touch-up and dents repair services.

Car detailing / Valet

From a basic exterior wash ($25.00 for a standard car, people movers, 4wd extra dirty cars to be quoted); with vacuum $55; to a full valet ($110.00 for a standard car people movers, 4wd extra dirty cars to be quoted) we can make your pride and joy shine and look almost as good as new. Hand polishing is also available for an additional $30.00.

Why to choose us

Car Parking

Parking at Flypark is a friendly stress free experience. We take pride in ensuring your vehicle’s security. We have 10 CCTV cameras watching the premises 24/7.

When you park with us we will ensure you get to the airport quickly and well in time for your check in procedures. If you are running late we will call you to check you estimated arrival time so we can have a van available or your situation under management. Importantly we are only 2 minutes off exit 9. We can then drive you to the airport along the motorway you would be driving if you were not at Flypark. We have special routes to avoid heavy traffic again to ensure you have a stress less journey to the airport.

Our prices are extremely affordable and if you get caught overseas if the borders get closed our rate is only $5 per day. If you are the airport I would be worried about your final cost.
Please go to Book Now and give us a try or load down our app for a $10 discount on your first booking. Please try us and feel welcome to compare our Google reviews with our competitors


We feel that parking at Flypark offers you the following advantages: