We offer great service at an even greater price!


We are still open and please book as normal.
Our Outdoor car parks are only $5.00 per day after minimum rate (minimum fee of $23 applies), Undercover Car Parks also available. Price available on our calculator at here.

Please book online for cheapest rate. If you have issues please try downloading our app "Flypark" or call us. Our app is super quick and easy

Our rates are subject to change so please click here for quote.
Email for plane delays only: ascot58@gmail.com All other emails at info@flypark.co.nz

FREE shuttle service to and from the airport

Outdoor Parking Price

Our Outdoor car parks are only $5.00 per day after minimum rate, Undercover Car Parks also available.

Our outdoor minimum prices are:

Indoor Parking Price

Indoor prices are:

We have secure fences, 24/7 staff and CCTV cameras for added peace of mind. We are only a 6 minute drive to Auckland Airport along the main motorway, We offer great service at an even greater price! .


All customers travelling on the domestic routes are now dropped off and PICKED UP by all shuttle providers from the JETSTAR terminal. When outside look up for the tower and we pick you up from that area


We wish to emphasise we are not in any way associated with PARK n FLY.

It is against company policy to drive a customer’s car other than for parking. Any breach will result in their dismissal.  

Generally we park your car within an hour after you leave to the airport. We return your car to our office area where you dropped it off about 30 to 60 minutes before you return. The total time we would be in your car during both parking processes would be less than 2 minutes. 
Thank you for reading this.

Insuarnace as per our terms and conditions is your responsibilty.