Terms & Conditions

Subject to these Terms and Conditions Flypark Limited Airport Parking (“Flypark Limited”), its’ agents, staff, representatives, subcontractors and or any person appointed by Flypark Limited will take due care in providing parking or cleaning services and or any other services requested from time to time by the customer (“the services”) in accordance with proper standards of workmanship. “Vehicles stored and driven at owner’s risk.”

Timing of Services

Flypark Limited undertakes to carry out and complete the services at the nearest possible time requested by the customer, however, no responsibility will be taken for the vehicles state of cleanliness (excepting where workmanship is the fault), if flights are delayed, incorrect arrival times are given, incorrect instructions are given, or for any other reason outside of Flypark Limited’s control. From time to time there may be slight unforeseen delays in shuttle availability due to our other customer’s flight arrivals and departures, airport traffic congestion (especially public holidays. Flypark take no responsibility in that situation. It is your responsibility to manage your appropriate arrival time at Flypark.


Flypark Limited’s premises means and includes all or any land and/or buildings which are owned or leased by Flypark Limited or of which Flypark Limited has a right of use or occupancy. The premises used for storage of the customer’s vehicle and the movement of the vehicle between premises shall be at the discretion of Flypark Limited.

Damage or Loss

The vehicle and all its contents remain at all times at the customer’s risk in respect of loss or damage however caused. Insurance is your responsibility. Flypark Limited shall be under no liability to the customer or anyone else for any special, incidental, indirect, or consequential loss or expense (including loss of profit) suffered by the customer and arising out of a breach by Flypark Limited or loss or damage to the vehicle or its contents. Flypark Limited will not be responsible for removal of any vehicle or infringement notice costs for any vehicle parked at Flypark Limited designated parking areas and whether the vehicle is booked or otherwise. In the event of loss of customers keys where our video system shows beyond doubt that the customers keys were left at the Flypark premises our liability is restricted to five hundred dollars

  • ($500) any one loss.
  • In the unlikely event we misplace your key we recommend
  • 1. You carry a spare set of keys in the unlikely event we should misplace your keys.
  • 2. We have a period of grace of 10 days to trace your keys before becoming responsible for their replacement up top our limit of liability of $500.


The customer agrees that it is their responsible to have their vehicle fully insured whilst in the possession of Flypark. The customer gives permission for Flypark employees to drive their vehicle to nearby Flypark parking facilities. It is further agreed that the customers insurance is deemed to cover the employees of Flypark whilst driving their vehicle during any transit between Flypark locations. In the event of any accident to the customers vehicle occurring during transit between locations the customer will claim all losses on their insurance. In the event that a Flypark employee is found at fault then Flypark will reimburse the customer all their uninsured losses such as any excess applicable, loss of no claims bonus or other reasonable expenses incurred as a result of the accident.

Customers obligation to Flypark.

The customer agrees to arrive at Flypark allowing minimum of 1 hour 15 minutes to allow for processing time to check-in at Flypark and airport check-in, pay for parking, luggage transfer to the shuttle and then to be taken to the airport. Airlines generally recommend arriving at the airport 1(one) hour prior to departure for domestic flights and 3(three) hours prior to departure for international flights. The customer agrees that the vehicle being stored is of roadworthy condition, is registered and has a current Warrant of Fitness (W.O.F). The vehicle suffers no defects or dangerous conditions that may cause harm or damage to any other person or vehicle.

Hours of Operation

We operate 24 / 7 except for Christmas Day when we are closed.


We operate 24 / 7 except for Christmas Day when we are closed.